Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!

Easy Exchange

Convert with few clicks. We do the complicated crypto stuff in the backend.


Free Insured Account

Send and recieve SEPA transfers or send funds to any debit or creditcard. Your Euro deposit account is up to 100,000 Euro fully insured.


Stay connected

Use soon our iPhone and Android App to access your accounts.

Icon_funds protection

Insurance and Reserves

Transparent with proof of reserves. We offer double deposit insurances with Bitbay smart contracts and crypto asset insurances with cryptoins.io


Honest & Fair

The financial establishment is dishonest and deceitful. We keep it real; honest and fair.


Simple pricing

No muss, no fuss. Almost everything is priced with just one number – One!

GaiaVault: Financial services that are nothing like your traditional bank.

We believe in honest money that has value because of something in the past. It carries a memory so to speak.

Opposed to most money, which is dishonest and risky, because it is created for something uncertain in the future, by a medieval guild system we call banks.


Icon_international Finance


We offer SWIFT, IBAN, SPEI, Peer to Peer and Cryptocurrency transactions.

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Topup any Bankcard

Top up any Prepaid, Debit or Creditcard. Funds are credited within 5 working days.


You become an owner

Equity in GaiaVault, based on usage. Have a say in management. Monetise your data.

Icon_money saving


Make your money work with insured, interest-bearing deposit accounts, with higher rates than in a bank.


Private and Secure

Manage your digital currencies, tokens and securities with confidence from one place.

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Managed investments

We invest for you for example in Optitoken, an algorithmically traded hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency.

What are you waiting for?

You want more information? We purposefully keep our sites minimalist and simple. For more; Just write us from theMessage usbox below the left corner and you can enter the rabbit holeor see below the tip of the iceberg.